The Water

We provide daily, weekly and monthly rental options for water dispenser units to go with our 18.9L bottles, including environmentally friendly cup options.
Advanced Wellness in the main distributor of The Water to the end-user. Check out the range, and other great health and lifestyle products on the Advanced Wellness shop.
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"LOVING our new water bottles from The Water"

Dene Botha
Pride Factor

We absolutely love The Water! It has a big impact on blood glucose levels before, during and after long rides alleviating dehydration.

Cyclist Review

"The best way I can describe THE WATER after drinking it is - That it feels like silk or velvet going down your throat ....... seriously that is exactly what my experience and feeling was when I drank it, and to be clear I drank THE WATER then a sip of the **** bottled water and the harshness in comparison was distinctive."

Happy customer

"I have rheumatoid arthritis and since I started drinking The water I can feel a massive difference in my joints! That's how I know your water is the healthiest and purified properly! As soon as I run out and drink other water I just know I am going to suffer with stiffness and pain! Thank you for an amazing product!! #bestwaterever."

Tash Bouwer
Happy Customer
"For as long as I can remember, water has been my favorite beverage choice. I have switched from being extremely brand loyal, to willing to try others too. How lucky was I to have the privilege of tasting THE WATER once and returning to my brand loyal ways! As a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer, the pH content immediately peaked my interest but I did not want too much information on THE WATER as I prefer not being influenced by what you read (I learnt this because of my disease). THE WATER most definitely helped with easing typical symptoms of the disease. By no means is it recommended as a replacement for "doctor's orders", but it certainly has the X - factor as far as water is concerned. To be able to drink what I enjoy so much and know that it is helping with the ever present internal acidity levels simply makes me feel like I'm at least helping myself in the most basic way. It may sound odd but it truly tastes so good, clean and pure. There's no price on health so I'm always willing to pay that tiny bit more to ensure that my body is receiving the best quality water! I did a blind tasting test with a few people I know and THE WATER won hands down- I'm happy with that result as I'm already hooked and will never go back!"
Natalie Topfer
Happy customer