Estimating Consumption

How much water should you drink per day?

Most people learn from an early age that we should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

This is an acceptable benchmark but there are many other factors to consider, for example:

Metabolism and diet:

If you live an active lifestyle you will require more water.

If you are trying to use water to lose weight you should increase your intake.

A lot of sugar-based drinks, tea and coffee and energy drinks can increase dehydration.

If you consume a lot of water-based foods, you need to regulate your additional water intake.

If you have medical conditions your intake should be discussed with a doctor.

Body weight:

If a baby had to be force-fed 8 glasses of water, he or she would likely drown.

We humans are made up of, on average, 50 to 85% water.

This variation depends mostly on age, sex and fat-to-muscle cell ratio.

The older we get the less water we retain.

Muscle cells store more water than fat cells.

Highly obese people can have a body water content as low as 45%

A person's optimal intake of water should be relative to body weight / total volume.

Here is a widely accepted formula

of daily water consumption:

20ml / kg of body weight

30ml / kg of body weight

45ml / kg of body weight


1 BOTTLE = 18.9L (18900ml)
1 STANDARD CUP = 250ml

1 person:

Drinking 630ml per day:

1 bottle every 30 days

Drinking 1.26L per day:

2 bottles every 30 days

Drinking 1.89L per day:

3 bottles every 30 days

 Drinking 2.52L per day:

4 bottles every 30 days

 Drinking 3.15L per day:

5 bottles every 30 days

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