Conditions and details of dispenser rental and bottle usage


We have many 18.9L bottles in rotation.

You do not have to buy the bottles as we are renting them to you with The Water.

We clean and safely disinfect the bottles each time before refill.

A new dispenser cap and hygiene seal is added each time.

If we damage or lose any bottles we replace them at our cost of R100 each.

If you happen to lose or otherwise causes the bottle to be unusable,
they will be charged to your account at R100 each.

 Our 18.9L bottles are very high quality reusable BPA-free PET.

The Water is sensitive to sunlight and oxygen so we prefer to supply it fresh and new.
We try not to keep stock lying around so please endevour to advise as early as
possible if you need to increase your supply so we can cater for it in production.


Our standard SunSurf dispenser unit does not create hot water. It has a cold and a room temperature tap.

It saves energy but The Water should also not be heated as it loses some of its great properties.

It has a stainless steel tank, anti-baterial outer and very low noise design.

We can supply a variety of other dispenser options on a sale or rental basis. Prices on request.

In the event of the dispenser unit breaking from a mechanical fault, it will be replaced without cost.

In the event of the unit breaking from negligent usage, bad placement, environmental factors including, but not limited to, power surges, lightning and fire damage, the client may be liable for repair or replacement costs.

Excludes supply of water, bottles, cups and cup dispensers (supplied separately).

Only The Water dispenser bottles supplied by Essence of Eden (Pty) Ltd may be used with our dispenser units.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the dispenser unit including drip tray remains clean.

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